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Bible Study

Adult Study
Youth Study
Adult Study

What is your purpose in life? Are you seeking to find more about God? We invite you to visit one of our churches or you can begin the process of knowing more about God in the comfort of your home. The sites listed below are excellent resources to find out about God.

  • is a website with a difference! Make the bible come alive.
  • Tagnet - An on-line resource for web-hosting, and finding churches and ministries.
  • The Voice of Prophecy - carrying the Last day message via the Internet.
  • It is Written is a site offering many useful bible guides such the discover bible lesson series.
  • The Quiet Hour - Helping to spread God’s word in all the world.
  • Hope for humanity - Ingathering for Hope for humanity.
  • Amazing Facts invites you to register in their free online Bible School. Learn more about God's Word and how to apply it to your life.
  • Discover Bible Lessons. These free Bible Guides give answers to these challenging questions.
  • Read the Bible in a Year. Ever wanted to read the Bible in the year? Find out more.
  • Conversations About God. Take another look at God in light of the great controversy.
Youth Study

Bible study is a vital element of the Christian growth. Youths want to study the Bible, but often they do not know where to begin. Have you been looking for bible studies for children or youth? Below are some of bible studies available.

Links for Youth Bible Study