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God has given the leaders of the Parima Seventh-day Adventist Church, wisdom to nurture the community of Adventist believers and to sharethe message of salvation. Elder Orin Andries, from the Parima Village in the interior of Guyana writes. “It was a painful realization for us to know that we would not be able to follow the Conference sponsored Live Sabbath Worship and Adventist Youth Ministries
Meetings on the zoom platform and on the Conference Facebook Page. We do not have adequate internet service in our village in the Upper Mazaruni District in the Guyana Conference of Seventh-day Adventist. Many of the members had been asking about holding meetings in some remote area so as not to raise suspicion.

The police had been busy checking out groups coming together for games and taking the organizers to the police station for questioning. So, it all began with a little public address system owned by the village council. We decided to use thepublic address system to have a Sabbath morning service. The initial output was not too good as the sound was muffled because the amplifier was too small and badly wired. Many families asked that the system be improved. So, I organize to have the use of the best amplifier in the community which happens
to belong to the Adventist Church. The heavy-duty wireless microphone also came in handy. And so, on a Sabbath day when everything was quiet; except for a few families who were worshiping in their homes, we played the children’s devotional by Aunt Andrea. Followed by the Children Story from the Primary Lesson Quarterly. The Adult Quarterly Lesson Review followed an interlude of gospel music. Then we preached the word. The feedback is excellent. The sound is clear. The preachers do an excellent job in presenting the word. People are asking for more of these programs to be played on air. We are working to put together programs to reach out to various categories of listeners. We
praise God for His enabling grace.