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Karisca Dhanraj presently serves as the Director of Audit Services, providing Financial Inspection Oversight Services (FIOS) to more than 200 local churches, congregations, and institutions.
As the Auditor, Ms. Dhanraj supports the organization’s mandate by identifying and correcting irregularities and providing advice on best practices for stronger internal financial controls relating to the management of church funds.
She has completed an undergraduate degree in Business Administration at the University of the Southern Caribbean and intends to further pursue graduate studies in Finance, Project Management, and Marketing.
As an aspiring management consultant, she has a passion for detailed, on-time task completion, and prefers to use contemporary technology to effectively monitor and manage departmental and other projects.
She likes to incorporate computer systems into her work and would like her organization’s local entities to embrace these systems. The present challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the safety benefits of remote access possibilities for work. Innovative methods can foster and integrate policies with practical delivery.
Ms. Dhanraj’s personal interests include reading, history and managing events and occasions.
Her present position provides the opportunity for her to train treasurers in accounting and record keeping, using real-time accounting software, which will allow them to deliver enhanced financial services to the congregations they serve.