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MON-THU: 9:00AM-5:00PM
FRI: 9:00AM-12:00PM

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(592) 226-7702/3313/3302

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The Planned Giving and Trust Services Department, like its sister departments of the other Conferences within the Caribbean Union, has as its Mission Statement, to educate, empower and guide the Church in the faithful and prudent management of its resources in advancing the Mission of the Church.

The department:

  • Provides investment management services to local churches, institutes and boards.
  • Mounts educational seminars on planned giving, wills, estate planning and related subjects.
  • Assists individual members in developing a giving plan for their accumulated assets.
  • Provides administrative services for donors making deferred gifts to their church or church institution.
  • Serves as trustee and administer trusts established for the benefit of the church.
  • Promotes the Caribbean Union Revolving Fund to assist institutions and churches in financing capital development and improvement.
  • Conducts financial management seminars in collaboration with the Caribbean Union.

Our Care Values stand firmly on the principles of the Bible:

  • We believe and affirm that God is Creator and Sustainer of all things.
  • He has entrusted to us his manifold talents, gifts and opportunities as stewards of His heritage.
  • We are His stewards.  We are to manage His resources entrusted to us with integrity and prudence.
  • We uphold that the Mission of the church takes precedence